What Sets Us Apart?

We’ve seen all kinds of holiday trailers,  Big ones.  Little ones.  Huge ones with three slide-outs, a fireplace and two televisions.  Few, if any, were built well.  After constructing high-end homes built to far exceed code for many years, our building standards and expectations for our trailers are high, and we are very pleased to be able to offer that to our customers.

We offer many “upgrades” as stock in our overland trailers.  As an example: all of our overland trailers are equipped with Timbren Axleless Axles–it’s not an upgrade or an option.  All of our overland trailers are built using Baltic birch plywood–no particle board!  We insulate the walls and roof with the Halo Advanced Graphite Insulation system.  We skin the exterior walls and roof with commercial grade ACM panels. It’s just what you get.  It’s simpler for you, our customer, and for us, the builder.  You know that you’re getting the best we can offer, and we have peace of mind knowing that we are sending you on your way with the best the industry has to offer.

We customize every overland trailer to your needs.  Sure, there’s stuff we don’t change, like the shape, length, height, etc., but we offer an extensive Options list that contains many items geared to make your camping experience just what you want–without breaking the bank!  Are you an avid fisherman or an over-packer?  We have several add-on storage options for your gear.  Always take your kayaks? Our house-built roof rack will hold them and more, no problem!  Prefer to sleep off the ground in a tree house?  A rooftop tent is the answer. The list goes on and on.

Although not quite a custom build, our Badger overland trailers (Urban and Off-Road) both can have several options that you pick to make your overland experience unique to you. From our stock roof racks, to specialized knock-down aluminum upper racks, to a beautiful kitchen slide out–you will find our overland trailers far and above a tin box on wheels.

We believe that great things come in small packages.

Let us help you get out more.


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